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Categorization: Form


Two semesters back, Letter Design course was making sense to me, since I was interested in type design. But now it really makes a lot of sense. Hehe.

Tarun had given us a few handouts. One such handout was ‘Analysis of the Devanagari script’. Back then I had read it. Now when I went thought the article, some very important points in the handout has given a direction for my project.

The handout especially talks about categorization of Marathi script by Dr Bhagvat. The study is interesting. The categorization he has done is phenomenal considering there is very less information available on the graphic anlysis of Devanagari script.

Now for my benefit I am fine-tuning Dr Bhagvat’s process of categorization. For now I will start in his footsteps, but I will change the process according to the peculiarities of the Kannada script.

As thought earlier, I am going ahead with categorization of Kannada lettes based on form. This exercise will make my life much easier when I have to design the letter set.

Please refer to the image right at the beginning of the post. I have decided to categorize the Kannada letters into three categories — Base (Parent forms), Derivatives (Derived from parent forms), and Independent (Unique forms).