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Yesterday, I had a discussion with my guide. And it was really helpful in two ways. One, I got a chance to explain him the progress of the project, and two, he provided some valuable insights.

He was quite happy with the geometric construction of the letterforms. But he wasn’t entirely satisfied with it. These were his insights:

(i) Complex to simple
Yes, once i categorized the letters based on the basic form. I have to now choose any three letters which are really complex. When I say complex, it has to be a combination of curves, multidirectional strokes, more than two points of thrusts, and maximum width. So when I set them right I would be able to come up with a better ‘design criteria’.

(ii) Structure follows form or the other way around
Balance is a key. Now how I am approaching is limiting and may not be able to innovate. I am creating a structure and placing the letterforms inside the structure. There is another way to it. I can bring in spontaneity into the froms. But this approach may be complicated to because I need to standardize the grid. So I need to use both the approaches and create a design criteria based on the analysis from both approaches.

(iii) Look at letters as pure forms
I have been looking at letters as forms. But I need to really look at them as images. To gather some kind of an insight that would drive the design. I would be able to only derive that with some sketches of the letterforms.

That’s it, folks. Happy New Year.

Thank you, Suresh.