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Freehand explorations

Quoting what my guide, Suresh, says, “It is important to work on the freehand letterforms and then define a grid, rather than forcing the letterforms in a specific grid. This way one can be innovative.”

I completely agree. Once I this finished this exercise I understood the importance.

(i) With explorations one realizes how much a letterform can be stretched with respect to its skelton
(ii) Legibility is also a key issue
(iii) Proportion
(iv) Width

The constraints here are the height and the weight. This way, it is possible to find the natural form. And the amazing part is that during this exercised one notices peculiarities of the script. Such peculiarities should be recorded since they provide valuable insight into making the face interesting.

Too much of standardization can also kill a script. When drawing every letter, it has to be drawn devoid of how the forms of the other letters. This way one will be able to retain the purity of every letterform.

Here are some scans of the explorations:

 Hand drawn