Rukmini: Type design for a typeface in Tamil
Seshasayee, Akila
Diploma Project
National Institute of Design, 1990

Baravu: Revival of the Tulu Script
Murthy, Vaishnavi
Diploma Project
National Insitute of Design, 2006

Type design: Guidelines for Devanagari
Moudgill,  Milan
Research Paper
National Institute of Design, 1994

Letters for tomorrow: Experiments in type-form development
Patel, Mahendra
Research Publication
National Institute of Design, 1990

Design information on text composition in Kannada

Reddy T N V
Research Publication
Madras RIND, 1980

Akshar Yog: Conference on issues relating to Indian scripts
IDC, 1996

Arthaya: Conference on Symbology


Typography of Devanagari
Naik, Bapurao S
Bombay: Directorate, Government Printing and Stationery (1971).

Phonemic frequencies in Marathi and their relation to devising a speed-script
Bhagwat, Dr Sriram Vasudeo
Poona University and Deccan College (1961)


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