Keyline guide

At this stage, the keyline guide is well defined. It becomes a line of control. It commands the way one letterform interacts with the other. There has to be harmony at every stage. When two different base forms are placed together, there has to be some common elements that drive the eye through a webpage full of text.

Every letterform will find a home inside this keyline guide and they co-exist even though they look diverse in terms of their origin.

The ‘keyline guide’ will be finetuned and detailed after the study is done on the existing Kannada typefaces on the web and the categorization of forms.

Working version of the ‘keyline guide’ will be defined just before the defining the design criteria. Keeping the keyline guide open to changes, in a way, brings flexibility in the process.

Here is the first version of the ‘keyline guide’:


It is still vague right. Yes, it is intentional.


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